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Pop-Up Events on a Global Scale

As a member of the global events team, I was responsible for managing, designing, and delivering artwork to brand each track area of a prestigious global championship. Based at Formula E headquarters in London, I meticulously branded each item according to CAD drawings. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, I designed the artwork, which was then produced locally in the respective countries where the events were held.

Working on-site across various locations worldwide, I ensured precise placement and installation, maximizing exposure to live audiences and television viewers globally.

Given the frequent races during the peak Formula E calendar, timely delivery of custom artwork to suppliers posed a challenge. However, I efficiently managed production schedules and maintained clear communication channels between my studio team and suppliers.

With each race presenting unique challenges, every backdrop, sign, and bridge required bespoke measurements and designs. Adhering to strict color profiles for both the Formula E brand and our sponsors ensured consistency throughout.

Designing for broadcast demanded maximizing the impact of branded surfaces, emphasizing visibility and engagement with the audience.

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